Finding a Good Locksmith For Your Home

Not all door locks are made equal; it’s important to understand what makes a good door lock before hiring a locksmith. Untrained, poorly-experienced door locksmiths are more than happy to cut a door open, just to rip off your wallet for thousands of dollars, just to fix it or simply replace the lock with a different one.

Licensed, certified door locksmiths are trained to do honest door lock repair, and generally can offer an estimate and fix a door lock for as little as $100 to as much as $200. The most common types of locks, a locksmith will fix are deadbolts and deadbolt locks. Most homeowners have either installed a deadbolt lock in their home (usually at the entry way) or have at least had one or two tried out. If a lock is broken, they can replace it or repair it at a reasonable price.

Door handles are another area that many home owners neglect when they think about having a locksmith come in. These are probably the easiest to replace if a door lock is broken, or damaged. The only problem is that the old handle may not be the right fit for your lock. If it’s a hard to reach knob, it may be harder to put the handle in. Most homeowners won’t replace this part of the door. They’ll pay someone to install it or fix it for them, which is usually an inexpensive cost to them.

Homeowners often neglect their garage doors because they are so easy to access. Some of these can be locked, while others can’t. Most home owners have either installed a garage door opener, or just use their normal door opener, or even both. When these doors are open, the homeowner may leave them open all day long. This is an issue that locksmiths see quite frequently. The reason for this is that garage doors tend to be made of plastic, which doesn’t hold up to the wear and tear of time. This can cause the door to break at any time, even if you’ve locked it.

A good locksmith will have experience in all areas of the home, but they specialize in one or two. Areas where they are more likely to see problems are: doors that are made of wood, windows, garage doors, and garage door locks. If you’re in need of a locksmith, you want someone who knows what you are looking for and can help you solve the problem without costing you more money than you have to.