Estimate Lock Change Cost Before You Rekey Locks

When it comes to locking mechanisms, there are a lot of ways to get them broken or lost. A common problem is breaking a key inside a lock while trying to pick the lock open. This can be a frustrating and expensive way to find your way out of a tight spot if you do not know the tricks to pick locks. You can prevent this by being aware of how much it will cost to change the key inside your lock. Here are some things to think about when picking a lock:

What will you use the new key for? If you are just changing locks for something you will not use often then just pick up a cheap one. If you have an expensive key that you are going to use often then buy a more expensive lock replacement. The lock change cost is determined by the weight and the size of the new key and the length of the key.

Where will you be using this lock? Lock change costs are different depending on where you are getting the new lock from. Some locksmiths providing professional lock services charge more. Find out where the lock is located, the nearest location if one is nearby, and the total distance to the nearest provider. You do not want to make a trip over $50 just to get the lock changed.

How many keys will you need to change? If it is a small job then you should plan on changing only one key. However, some locksmiths offering professional door locks and key replacement services require you to change more than one or two keys. Determine how many keys you need to get the job done before calling us and get the lock change cost for the extra locksmiths fees.

What will happen if you accidentally break your key inside the lock? Your emergency lockout/opening service will come to your rescue at no extra charge. Some of us like to feel like we have a back-up key as part of our property inventory system. The lock and key service will call you when a broken key inside the lock is found. They will rekey your property after changing the locks and give you a new lock installation DVD so you do not have to go through the process of replacing all of your locks again.

Lock and key costs can be reduced by choosing to renew your existing property. Many people choose to buy new locks and replace all of their existing locks with new ones. A lock replacement DVD is not necessary if you rekey your property. Just contact us and we will come to your house and renew your lock with a new key and label it for your use. All you have to do is make sure the new key works properly before putting it in any locks.